Digging For Good Home

Dig everything.
Keep nothing.
Make a difference.

We’re uncovering the scraps of history one metal-detecting find at a time while making a difference in our community.

Who we are

Metal detecting enthusiasts. History buffs. Outdoorsy-types. Kids at heart and actual kids.

What we do

We uncover the past to build community in the present through modest metal-detecting adventures and monetary donations to local charities.

Why we are us

We like our kids to dig in the dirt, be curious about history and make the world a better place.

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.


Each time a property owner gives us permission to metal detect their property, we will make a $75 donation to a local charity. The homeowner may keep any artifact that we find.

About Us

Metal detectorists who always find happiness, if not treasure.

More About Us

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  • diggingforgood@gmail.com
  • (203) 909-0044